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Lash Training Courses

There’s a new career waiting for you! Want to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and make up to six-figures annually? Then sign up for our beginner lash training course in one of our featured cities! Add-ons for lash training courses are available and listed below.

Deluxe Starter Lash Kit *$350 VALUE*

Deluxe Starter Lash Kit *$350 VALUE*


Must be purchased at least 7 days before class date.


4 lash trays (Top Recommended brand I use)

1 adhesive (Top Recommended brand I use)

1 Lash Mini-fan

1 gel adhesive glue remover

50 disposable mascara brushes

50 micro brush swabs

50 Lint-free brushes

1 Coating Sealant

1 pain-free adhesive tape roll

1 Lash Tile

1 Lash Primer

1 Pair of Lash Scissors

1 Foam “Lash Splash” Lash Bath 

Carrying Case + List where to purchase everything

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